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Felder - nof Ltd sets up facilities such as soccer pitches, golf courses, event gardens and other lawns from the very first phase of receipt of the allocated land right through to its inauguration as a world-class facility. This work is carried out in only a few months and is always designed to optimally serve the needs of the client while taking into consideration the physical constraints of the area.


To ensure proper rainwater drainage at any level of precipitation, the infrastructure contains a highly efficient drainage system made of geotextile fabric, graded gravel and perforated linked piping all of which ensures appropriate drainage and optimal growth conditions for the grass at one and the same time.


Felder - nof Ltd has accumulated a wealth of experience through dozens of such installation projects of all kinds – neighborhood pitches, training-fields, and professional sports arenas. In Israel, the element of irrigation is the number one priority when it comes to lawn growing. Our company has proven expertise in dealing with the key factors affecting the amount of water needed to ensure successful, even growth: how the water is distributed, calculating the amount of returned water, and optimal irrigation intervals for water savings. Always with a view to healthy ecology, we make sure only to use the highest quality irrigation piping that we know will last for years and years.


When constructing a soccer pitch, it is essential that each layer is absolutely level. Felder - nof Ltd utilizes sophisticated laser-guided equipment to ensure precision leveling. This work is carried out and supervised by our well-trained, highly experienced team.



Summer refurbishment

Agro-mechanic work and a series of high-nitrogen level fertilization treatments “reawaken” the grass after the winter and return it to its naturally vibrant green.


Winter overseeding

Using types of grass that do well in the cold can provide vivid green grass even during winter. Our overseeding service is offered mainly to sports facilities but is also suitable for private gardens and well-maintained public parks.



Agro-mechanical work that gets rid of old grass and lets water and light penetrate the soil to rejuvenate the grass from the ground up. This practice is very common in professional facilities both the USA and Europe.


Laser levelling

Laser leveling of an existing lawn by adding sand and flattening it accurately over the surface greatly improves the quality of the field as well as the comfort of the players. This is usually done at least once a year during the summer refurbishment.


Professional treatments

Maintenance care is carried out all year round as needed and may include: mowing, aerating, thinning, fertilizing, scalping, anti-pest, and anti-weed spraying.


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